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Christophe GUILLARME fall/winter 2016-17

Christophe GUILLARME fall/winter  2016-17

Goddess of soul “Psyche” is referred in this collection in a modern way by Christophe Guillarmé. Duality between conscious and unconscious appearances is the key to propose a wardrobe up to the feminine mystery.
Versatility expressed on clothes with full on incidents: either as maxi target pattern in lasercut, or as an interlace of striped jacquard on a silk taffeta, also as a graphic ying & yang crêpe or scuba applied with black lace versions.
Colour range turns from pigment dyed lace in beige or amethyst, to stately ruby red, also navy blue which becames the new black, not to miss as well touches of soft pink to finalize this palette with lots of graphic accents.
Versatility and unconsciousness are fused on styles in an edgy retro glam mix.
Photos : David TERGEMINA / TRG prod

© TRG prod

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